Selecting the best Electric Skateboard of 2013

Get high performance electric and motorized skateboards at Evolve Skateboards. Evolve Skateboards, with its office set up in Gold coast, Australia has the mission of recreating the effect of snowboard experience and surfing on the land. Skateboards have been an area of passion among the young. What’s more, it is a widely accepted and practiced…

The Evolution of Skateboards

This info-graphic says all about evolution in skateboard. After two decade board shape has remained relatively unchanged. But, innovation comes in skateboard with electric advanced features. Know more about electric skateboards here – Electric Skateboards Electric Skateboards

Skateboarding Dog

Skateboarding Dog, a photo by roachboswell on Flickr. Via Flickr: This amazing creature is known worldwide as the skateboarding dog. How about getting him on an Electric Skateboard ? Related articles This skateboarding dog loves to skateboard ( Electric Skateboard – Laws and Safety in USA / Australia ( Skateboarding dog pulls off canine version…

The History of Skateboards – Timeline

What do you guys have to say about this amazing infographic ??       Related articles Electric Skateboard – Laws and Safety in USA / Australia ( Skateboarding ( How Skateboarding Has Influenced Me (

Electric Skateboard – Laws and Safety in USA / Australia

An electric or motorized skateboard has to be treated with care and respect, as there are potential risks involved, when misused. Though the electric skateboard laws might vary between different regions and countries, the basic laws and safety rules remain the same everywhere, as it involves life. When it comes to well designed electric skateboards,…