Skateboarding Tricks for Beginners

Hello folks, how are you? Have you planned about how you would welcome the New Year? Many mates are planning to roam the city with electric skateboards and longboards. If you are an early beginner for skateboarding and like to roam the city, then know the tricks and enjoy the skateboarding. This would be a fun way of welcoming the New Year.


This is the first real trick and normally beginners trying it at early stage. This is performed by tapping the tail board to the ground and jump allows him and the board to get some air and then land on the ground.

Skateboarding Tricks



This is very simple trick. This is performed by leaning on the tail of the board, balance and ride only on the two rear wheels skateboard and ride to the extent that front wheel would not touch to the ground.

Kick flip

This is a difficult trick to be performed. Rigorous practice can make you perfect. This is performed by Ollie into the air, swaying back corner of the board over the front of your foot, revolving the board in drilling movement to make one complete rotation.

Heel flip

This trick is similar to the kick flip. Only difference is during performing heel flip, kick forward with your front wheel. If you are perfect in kick flip, then heel flip is easy to performed.


Gliding your board on a bar between the truck.


Easy to performed. Place one foot down, jump and just before landing with both feet grab the board.

POP Shuvit

As kick flip performed in one rotation, POP Shuvit is performed in more than one rotation. This trick is performed in 180 or sometime 360 and 540 shuvit pop, but more difficult to performed.


This trick is performed just exactly opposite to that of Ollie. Just kick down on the nose instead of the back one on the tail.


Before performing above tricks always wear protective clothing including a helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads, knee-pads and appropriate footwear.


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